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Our MBS community is expanding. In 2018, the first MBS Alumni Group was formed. Our alumni work across industries, functions, levels and geographies. More and more companies are recognizing the value of the Master of Business and Science (MBS) degree program which creates the next generation of leaders in science, engineering and technology.




       Stephanie Yang | Drug Discovery & Development '17


Badal Shah | Analytics '16

                              Craig Moran | Analytics '17


 Mallory Bloom | Personal Care Science '17



“The PSM program allowed me to better position myself for the changing industry of drug
discovery. My courses in analytics, programming, cloud computing, database design, and drug
discovery broadened my knowledgebase and skillset which is something that is often lacking in
scientists in the pharmaceutical industry. Scientists become hyper specialized which is a
situation that is difficult to break out of and the PSM program gave me the opportunity to do just
that.” – Matthew Miller, MBS Drug Discovery & Development, Jan 2018

“The Rutgers MBS program provided me with the additional skills that I needed to gain an extra
“edge” in my career. It not only helped me grow as an individual but gave me valuable insights
into areas of concentration that I was not familiar with.” - Nicholas LoPresti, MBS UXD, 2017

“I took two of Dr. Kushary’s classes - SAS & R and Regression. He is no doubt one of my
favorite professors. The courses were well organized and designed to help students understand
new concepts, and then push the understanding to a deeper level. The courses along with class
projects help you to understand everything better.” - Bingbing Xue, MBS Analytics, 2017

“Rutgers MBS has accorded me the best educational experience through many integrated
business and science courses, which equipped me with discipline, deep career knowledge, and
business acumen…. Even when I struggled to find an internship, Rutgers provided support by
obtaining externship projects that gave me the same kind of experience as any other normal paid
internship.” – Vincent Omolo, MBS Actuarial Science, Jan 2018

“My science courses have provided me exposure to possible career choices in biotech and
pharma companies as I previously had minimal experience working in industry. I have gained a
well-rounded education with the newest scientific technologies which overlaps nicely with my
experience working in an academic science laboratory for 8+ years. Additionally, my exposure
to the business side of science will help me transition to a career as a project manager or
managerial role.” - Jennifer Wiseman, MBS Biotechnology & Genomics, 2015

“Highly recommend the program. As a technical undergraduate in chemistry, I had no prior
knowledge of the business side. This program did a great job infusing business and the
science….and allows the student gain a more well-rounded perspective….” – Alan Wan, MBS
Chemistry - Material Science, 2015







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