Alycia John, MA, LCOP

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Continuing Studies Program Coordinator, Executive Coach
Department Role: 
Support Staff

Alycia is the Program Coordinator for Continuing Studies for the Professional Science Master’s Program. She is a trained Executive Coach, having completed the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance (LCOP) training, Alycia is an experienced mentor, trainer, leader and supervisor of professional staff and student work teams. Having worked in Higher Education for over 10 years, Alycia has developed boards, coached leaders, mentored volunteers, and has diverse experience across the sector. Alycia has also worked with women and minority owned business through start up and launch cycles to reach profitability.

During her time at one of the most diverse institutions of higher education in the US, she worked extensively with Bronx, New York communities to support community development, engage local leaders to create viable pathways for individual success in underserved communities. With her undergraduate work focused in intercultural studies and a passion for cross cultural communication and research, her journey has involved numerous trips to the Middle East, Asia, South America and over 20 other nations. From traveling by camel back through the deserts of the Middle East to traveling by elephant in Asia, Alycia has valued diverse global experiences and has cherished opportunities to aid global executives as they expand in the US market. 

After completing her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, Alycia went onto work in higher education working with hundreds of families in developing comprehensive strategies with extensive coaching programs to lead emerging adults through complex issues around race, inclusion and identity exploration. Alycia is passionate about people’s ability to be empowered to find their goals, passion and drive for life.