Online Students

The Professional Science Master’s program offers courses in various formats as defined below:

1) Course Definition

Fully Online courses

  • Students are not required to come to campus for classes
  • Lectures may be either synchronous (live) or asynchronous (previously recorded)
  • Any “mandatory” in-class sessions are recorded
  • Examples: Practical Aspects Clinical Trial Design, Python, Food and Cosmetic Regulatory

Hybrid courses

  • Lectures may be either synchronous (live) or asynchronous (previously recorded)
  • Students are required to attend a specified number of on-campus sessions (3-5) each semester
  • Out-of-state students can connect to the course remotely
  • ​Example: Fundamentals of Regulatory Affairs

In-Class Distance Learning courses

  • The classes have regular scheduled lectures and the students can register for the class as an online (distance-learner) participant or in-person participant
  • Lectures are synchronous
  • Out-of-state students can connect remotely through “Go To Meeting”
  • Examples: Drug Development Concepts, Capstone, Intro to Analytics


2) Science Courses

            A number of courses in some concentrations can be taken online. While a full list of courses can be viewed on the web page, “Courses by Semester” (, examples of each type of online course (described above) are provided here. Please note that this is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all of the online courses.

Fully online courses:

  • Principles of Accounting & Financial Science (16:137:530; Spring) – section taught by Prof. Kiess
  • Generic Regulations in US (16:137:585; Fall)
  • Regulations and Standards for Foods & Cosmetics (16:137:577; Fall)
  • Global Food Supply & Quality Management (16:137:603; Spring)
  • Database and Data Warehousing (16:137:603; Spring)

Hybrid courses: 

For these courses, weekly lectures are recorded. Several in-class sessions are usually held during the course of the semester, where distance-learner students can attend remotely.

  • Essentials Cybersecurity & Secure Systems Eng (16:137:561; Spring)
  • Python for Data Science (16:137:552; Fall, Spring, Summer)
  • Practical Aspects Clinical Trial Design (16:137:580)
  • Statistics in Clinical Research (16:137:581)
  • Fundamentals of Regulatory Affairs (16:137:582)
  • Sustainability: Supply Chain MGMT Green Purchasing (16:137:602; Spring)

In-Class Distance Learning courses

For these courses, distance learner students connect each week to the in-class course using GoTo Meeting.

  • Analytics        
    • Fundamentals of Analytics (16:137:550; Fall, Spring)
  • Drug Discovery
    • Drug Development Concepts (16:137:510; Fall)
    • Drug Discovery Through Preclinical Development (16:137:511; Spring)
  • Personal Care Science
    • Fundamentals of Personal Care Science (16:137:570; Fall)
    • Product Dev & Formulation for Personal Care Science (16:137:571; Spring)
    • Fragrance Applications for Personal Care Science (16:137:572; Fall)


3) Business Courses

All business courses are available to Distance Learners. The semester each course is offered online is provided in the table below:


Business Courses

Course Title Course # Semester for Online Students
Principles of Communication and Professional Development (3) 16:137:502 Summer
Principles of Finance and Accounting (3) 16:137:530 Spring (Prof. Kiess section)
Market Assessment (3) 16:137:507 Summer
Science and Technology Management Capstone (3) 16:137:600 Spring
Ethics for Science and Technology Management (1) 16:137:500 Fall, Spring, Summer
Project Management (3) 16:137:650/1/2 Fall, Spring, Summer

A) CCPD Courses

Online students can take an online course – such as Project Management - from CCPD (Center for Continuing Professional Development). Here is their list of courses that are listed on our website: There are 3 different Project Management courses included in this list. The most popular of the 3 courses is this course are:

The other 2 courses that involve more course hours are:

To register for any of these courses, please follow the instructions on this web page:

B) Mini-MBA Courses

Students have the opportunity to take one miniMBA course, that is offered by the Rutgers Business School. Some courses of interest include Digital Marketing and BioPharma Innovation. The courses and course offering can be found on this web page: Under “Program Type”, make sure to select only “Online:”. Instructions on how to register for the miniMBA course can be found on this web page:


Additional Information for Distance Learners

1) Colloquium

Distance learners are not expected to attend PSM functions on the Rutgers campus. However, students should attend a total of 12 lectures or meetings related to their concentration or career development.

2) On-Site Residency

The On-Site Residency is mandatory for all online students, including out-of-state students​

Distance learners will be required to come to campus at least once during their studies for the MBS degree, to coincide with the Capstone course presentations. We recommend that students plan to take Capstone in the Fall semester when the Capstone presentation is usually scheduled for the 2nd Thursday in December. (You can check the Events web page for the exact date: Although further information will be forthcoming, the plan is for students to spend 2-3 days on campus.

Distance learners are also invited to come to Rutgers for graduation ceremonies in May, including the Graduation dinner (2nd Thursday in May), Graduate School Convocation (2nd Friday in May) and University commencement. Information regarding Commencement and Graduation can be found here: (Note: students who graduate in the preceding October and January participate in the May commencement).

The PSM program will take care of hotel costs during your stay. Further information regarding on-site residencies will be provided.

3) Externships and Internships

The PSM program runs an Externship Exchange, where students work on corporate-sponsored small projects. Information concerning the Externship program can be found here:

MBS graduate internship opportunities are also available for online students. You can find information concerning internships here:



Q:  How long will it take to complete the MBS degree?

A: Online students can typically complete the program in 2-3 years, depending upon the concentration.


Q: How do I attend in-class sessions for courses listed as “hybrid”?

A: In these courses, where lectures are usually recorded, you join the in-class sessions using GoTo Meeting. Instructions will be provided.


Q: How do I determine when courses will be offered?

A:  Most of the courses relevant for students in the PSM program are shown each semester on the “Course by Semester” web page on our website: see


Q: What are the tuition costs for online students?

A: You can find the tuition costs for online students here.


Please contact Dr. Matthew Sills ( if you have any questions concerning the Online program.