Tuition & Financing

Tuition Costs

Graduate Students
Tuition costs for MBS students are assessed on a per-credit basis and are determined by the School of Graduate Studies. For up to date tuition information, please reference this link. On campus fees, off campus fees, computer fees, and additional school fees may apply. 

Applicants/students who have a grants or fellowships from outside sources are welcome to apply them towards the cost of tuition. US citizens or permanent residents may be eligible to apply for student loans by contacting the Financial Aid Office. Our program does not offer teaching or research assistantships.

Non-Degree Graduate Students
Applicants who wish to take graduate courses in our program (part-time or full-time) should apply to Rutgers as a non-degree ("non-matriculated") student in the Business and Science curriculum (New Brunswick: 16137 or Camden: 56137, or Newark: 26137) of the Graduate School-New Brunswick or Graduate School - Camden, or Graduate School- Newark. Please contact our office for assistance with special permission numbers and registration. Tuition rates for Non-Degree Graduate Students are the same as those for graduate students.

Balancing Study with Part or Full-Time Employment
For working students, part or full time employment is an important method of financing educational expenses. However, students must ensure satisfactory academic progress by balancing work and study hours. Although many employers offer flexible schedules and tuition benefits for their employees. However, if you experience difficulty meeting your academic requirements, or find that your homework or exam grades are falling below average (B), you should either reduce the number of work hours or reduce the number of courses per semester. Students are responsible for keeping track of the Registrar's calendar, and deadlines for dropping or withdrawing classes.


Rutgers has both on campus and off campus housing for Graduate Students. Please visit the Rutgers Graduate Affairs page for more information.