What is the difference between a Professional Science Master's (PSM) Degree and a Master of Business and Science (MBS)?

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The MBS degree is a Professional Science Master's degree.

The Professional Science Master's (PSM)(link is external) is a national initiative  that began with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation establishing PSM programs at different institutions across the country.  "Professional Science Master's degrees are designed in partnership with employers and feature learning in real-world environments. They educate science professionals to meet the STEM workforce demands of the 21st century." - www.professionalsciencemasters.org The actual degree names vary among the different universities offering this degree. Here at Rutgers, we have decided to call it a "Master of Business & Science" to reflect the expertise our students will have after completing the program. Our science concentrations have been approved by the PSM National Office and bear the PSM logo. Please see here(link is external) for more information about PSM affiliation ("accreditation" process). The Rutgers PSM program is also an active member of the National Professional Science Master's Association.


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