Cosmetic Chemistry, Unmasked: Life as a Cosmetic R&D Scientist

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
McLaren Center for Ceramic Research: CCR - 201

Join Nicholas D. Stebbins of L'Oreal for this awesome seminar! 

Graduate students in the physical sciences and engineering disciplines often think about obtaining positions in industries ranging from pharmaceutical and biotech to polymers and coatings to petrochemical and renewable energy. Seldom discussed as another option is the cosmetic and personal care industry, whose global market size is valued at over 500 billion dollars.

This seminar will discuss the transition from graduate school at Rutgers to the cosmetic industry, as well as what it is like to be an R&D scientist working for the world’s largest cosmetic company. A brief introduction to the science behind skin care products will be presented, along with all the work that needs to be done to translate that science into a finished consumer product.

Refreshments/Social hour at 11:45

Contact Sheela Sekhar at  (848) 445-2159